Trek Dual Sport

Trek Dual Sport is a cross bicycle used for sports and riding. It is a budget-friendly bike. It is lightweight and is depicted to strike a balance between power and ease.

What is Trek Dual Sport:

Dual Sport is an exploration hybrid bike. From trail to pavement, mud to double track, this bike provides a versatile, steady, and comfortable ride anywhere. It suits all rides, from daily commuting to sports and off-the-beaten-path excursions. It’s swift, enjoyable, and sturdy on the most varied terrain of any Trek model.

Dual Sport Characteristics: 

Unlike other Trek cycles, the Dual Sport hasn’t changed much. Dual Sport’s exquisite frame provides much more than just lovely appearances. It gets you in an ideal position to see what’s happening around you. It comes in regular and step-through designs, making it easy to mount and dismount.

It’s a bike that excels at everything, making it an excellent choice for diverse condition trail bikers. It includes 40mm gravel tires but can fit a 2.1′′ mountain bike tire. However, avoid the impression that the Dual Sport can tackle mountain bike terrain; it can’t. The mobility of the front fork is set to 63mm.


 The Trek Dual Sport electric bike’s seat and handlebars are designed for comfort. Furthermore, the model is intended to enable you to see your surroundings while cycling, which aids in the avoidance of accidents. It also has a 10-speed Shimano derailleur for added comfort. This device helps switch gears and have an authentic riding experience.


The Trek Dual Sport desired everything. An alpha gold aluminum duo trap lightweight trap provides exceptional sturdiness with the enhanced sealed cartridge and is rack fender mountable. It is designed to handle the occasional mountain using a bike’s front suspension fork and XL Bontrager alloy tubeless certified rims.


The Dual Sport is a compact bike weighing only 20.6 kg. It can carry an applied weight of 136 kilograms when riding, including the cyclist’s mass, the bike, bags, and attachments. Regarding size, the TREK Dual Sport will satisfy all bikers with its four sizes accessible, notably S, M, L, and XL. So, whether you’re tall or short, there’s sure to be a bike that’s right for you.

Size Variety:

S is appropriate for riders with heights between 155 and 165 cm. If the height is between 165 cm and 175 cm and the inseam is between 77 cm and 83 cm, one must choose size M. If your height is between 175 cm and 186 cm and your inseam is between 82 cm and 88 cm, you should get a size L. Finally, size XL is appropriate for riders between 186 and 197 cm tall and 87 and 93 cm inseam.


The efficiency of the Bosch 500 W battery is used by the Trek Dual Sport hybrid bike. It will give you the energy to hike, visit a beloved one, or ride. The BOSCH battery is distinguished by its simplicity of assembly and removal, and you will also have no issue replenishing it. You will be able to travel all day without worry! The battery will take roughly 4 to 5 hours to recharge. You will have a lot of freedom. However, we cannot offer you any additional information about it. Furthermore, it will be determined by various factors, including the user’s weight, the load of the equipment, as well as the terrain on which you ride, and the weather patterns.

Dual Sport’s Tech:

The BOSH Active Line core motor is housed in the bottom bracket of the Dual Sport. A tiny driving unit distinguishes this. Furthermore, robust and long-lasting, the bike’s engine produces no distracting noise. This means you can ride comfortably while receiving seamless support at speeds up to 25 km/h. The BOSCH Active motor enables smooth and seamless acceleration. Switching gears is also considerably more fluid.

The Dual Sport is still a dependable and well-equipped motorcycle, and the rider can evaluate and manipulate all data in real-time thanks to the Bosch Purion touchscreen.

It indeed ensures efficiency and practicability! Furthermore, it fits neatly on the handlebars, taking up no room. This screen functions similarly to a miniature onboard processor, enabling the rider to have all relevant riding data at their disposal.

As a result, he can instantaneously view his current speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the support mode selected, and the battery level. All of these variables will influence the length of the ride or the driving style chosen by the user.

Comfort and Safety:

A variety of features are available for your safety and convenience. Indeed, the adaptive grips on this Trek bike fit the contour of the cyclist’s grip and provide excellent bike control. In terms of bike safety, the tires of this model have an anti-puncture system 700 x 38 C, which prevents unpleasant surprises on difficult paths. This is an essential factor, especially if you intend to travel in a natural setting.

Fitness Companion:

Dual Sport is the ideal training partner; even DuoSport is compatible. Attach a DuoTrap sensor to your bike frame to monitor your activity stats on every trip. Furthermore, its comfy ride encourages riders to explore and ride more. Extra attachments allow you to customize your bike for your riding, from daily commutes to weekend vacations. Every Dual Sport frame offers baskets, fenders, water bottle carriers, and kickstands extensions. This is why so many people love it.

Bike for all Genders:

This adaptable route is appropriate for cyclists of all genders. In addition to regular versions, the Dual Sports portfolio includes Women’s variants with features such as a saddle and handlebars. Some women may find that these fit and feel better right away.

Dual Sports Lineup:

Dual Sport 1 and 3 are brilliant hybrid bikes modified with the newest features. This bike can travel on public roadways and sandy paths. Its front suspension, tubeless-ready rims, and puncture-resistant tires allow you to travel to new places.

Trek Dual Sport 1:

The Dual Sport 1 from Trek is a hybrid bicycle. It’s versatile and does well on both paved roads and mild off-road trails. Dual Sport 1 has fantastic versatility for leisure and fitness rides thanks to a dependable structure, suspension fork, and all-terrain wheels. The groupset, drivetrain, and fork are the most crucial aspects to check for when purchasing a bike.


The groupset defines how consistent and precise your shifting will be. Shimano’s groupset is standard on the Trek Dual Sport 1. This contains an Altus rear derailleur and a Tourney front derailleur. There is no clutch to hold the chain tensioned, so be prepared for the chain to slide as the trail turns rocky. This issue is readily rectified by purchasing a $14 chain tensioner.

Suspension Fork:

The front wheel can go up and down over bumps thanks to the shock-absorbing fork, while the handlebar grips remain stable. However, the Dual Sport 1’s front fork suspension is its major weakness. It comes with an SR Suntour NEX fork. The fork has a 63mm travel range and a 100x5mm quick release.


The drivetrain provides lots of good range. With bikes shifting to smaller drivetrains, it’s not unexpected that the Trek Dual Sport 1 has gone from a 3x to a 2×8 drivetrain. A 3x arrangement overlaps so much that you don’t get a complete 24-speed bike. With the switch to 2x, there is a reduced likelihood of chain crossover and double gearing.

Trek Dual Sport 2:


Regarding the groupset, the Trek Dual Sport 2 differs slightly from the DS 1. Acera and Altus are the front and rear derailleurs. But it doesn’t have a clutch; it really needs a chain adjuster. It’s remarkable how a $15 modification can prevent the chain from slipping on gears.

Suspension Fork:

The Dual Sport 2’s fork features a hydraulic lockout and the same SR Suntour NEX as DS 1. Front fork lockouts are typically worth the premium.


When you convert from 1 to 2, you gain more scope. The drivetrain on the Dual Sport 2 is 2×9 with an 11-36T cassette. The increased range will benefit bikers who live in highly steep or mountainous terrain.

Trek Dual Sport 3:


The Trek Dual Sport 3’s groupset is the most significant update to any bike in the series. It has a built-in clutch and Shimano Deore components. That ensures your chain will remain firmly in place while you ride across uneven terrain. When a groupset has a grip, its dependability and precision increase.

Suspension Fork:

The fork specs are SR Suntour NEX, coil spring, preload, and hydraulic lockout, making it the best bike for long rides. The front wheel can move upward and downward over bumps thanks to the shock-absorbing fork. The handlebars are stable, allowing for pleasant, steady riding.


Trek Dual Sport 3 has a 1×10 drivetrain. With a 1x drivetrain, shifting is convenient and allows you to concentrate on the trail. The 11-46T cassette also has a lot of high and low-end ranges.

Why you will love Trek Dual Sport:

  1. Dual Sport is a dynamic hybrid that performs well on various terrain.
  2. Racks, a kickstand, fenders, and lights are simple to add to your frame.
  3. The 2x drivetrain provides all the gears required.
  4. With DuoTrap S compatibility, you may remotely track your rides. So you can keep track of your routine.
  5. Internal cable routing boosts the longevity of your lines while also adding to the bike’s clean appearance.

Trek Dual Sport vs. FX:

Trek Dual Sport and Trek FX are the most popular models of Trek bikes. However, these also differ in many aspects. The build quality is more robust in dual Sport. But there are some more advanced features in FX too. The Trek FX is the way to go if you only ride on flat surfaces. If you want the top-of-the-line and enjoy speed, go for the FX Sport 6. If you ride primarily on flat surfaces but want to hit the mountains occasionally, the Trek Dual Sport is the bike for you.

Cost and Warranty:

On the site for the brand, this combination bike costs between $789.99 and $989.99. For a high-tech hybrid bike, this is reasonable. Suppose this figure is high at first look. In that situation, European Union governments offer subsidies to help people buy these new vehicles. More details can be found in the section below. A 2-year warranty covers the motor and controller. A 12-month warranty covers the battery.


How is the Trek Dual Sport bike right for you? It has an adequate range to allow you to complete your activities. You’ll also need to determine whether, additionally, an electric-assist bike is tough enough to go anywhere the spirit moves you. It must be agile and light enough to accommodate your body type and riding abilities. We are confident that the Trek Dual Sport will be an excellent companion for your numerous adventures and outings. Furthermore, it will be present in any situation because it is comfortable and adaptable.


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