Alexa Bliss New Look:

Alexa Bliss New Look can make you thrill. Want to know ‍about Alexa Bliss new look? Every now and then celebrities take on a new look. 

Alexa Bliss New Look
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During the past month, Bliss shared a story on her Instagram in which we saw her hair in a new look. So fans are excited to see Alexa Bliss’s new look. And are raising a question about her new look. The imminent appearance of Alexa Bliss is likely to alter the course of events on WWE Raw shortly.

She does like to play around with hair color and styles. The actress made a switch in the photo shared with her hair in pink. There is no information on what kind of hairstyle she will present when she appears on stage.

Who Is Alexa Bliss?

Who is Alexa Bliss?
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Alexis Kaufman is a wrestler by profession. She is working with WWE’s brand RAW. She has a ring name, Alexa Bliss. And people know her with that name instead of her real name. She is the first women’s wrestler to win the Women’s Championship on SmackDown two times.

Early Life:

Early Life

Alexa was born in Columbus in August 1991. When she was five years old, she began to participate in sports activities. These sports activities involve boxing and gymnastic. She has a degree of MA in Medical dietetics From Akron University. She also takes part in fitness sports. When she was 15 years old, she had an eating disorder, but her fitness competitions helped her.

Alexa Bliss Career:


Alexa started her wrestling career as training In WWE’s developmental program NXT in 2013. Here she gets the name, Alexa Bliss. She gets her first appearance on TV in Triple H’s entrance. Then Alexa fought with current champions twice and won the non-title match there twice. These victories gave Bliss recognition and opened her door’s in the field. In her presence at NXT, Bliss had matches for the NXT Championship, which she lost, and the tag team championship, which she also lost.


In 2016 SmackDown signed Bliss. Where Alexa Bliss win her debut match against a tough fighter Becky Lynch. Here in smackdown Bliss fight in a five-on-five match and wins it to get a match against a women champion for the Championship. But She lost that match to Becky Lynch. After that, in the main event of tables and ladders, Alexa defeated Becky to become Smackdown women’s champion. After that, she lost the title to Naomi. And take the title back from Becky and become the first woman to win the title two times. Bliss then lost to Naomi.


In 2017 Alexa moved to another WWE brand RAW. She wins a four-person match and gets a chance to compete with the raw women’s champion for the title. After that, she defeated the champion Bayley and win’s Raw women’s Championship. She then becomes the first woman in WWE to win the Raw and SmackDown women’s Championship. After that, Bliss had a lot of matches where she lost and regained her title.

Best Matches In WWE:

Alexa Bliss Vs. Charlotte Flair 2017:

WWE held on of the best matches in both wrestler’s career in the survivor series. Where both RAW and SmackDown women’s Champion’s fought with each other. The match ran for 15:00 minutes and was an intense, fast-paced type of battle against both Superstars.

The most unforgettable moment of the contest was in the middle of the match when Flair could put Bliss in all kinds of trouble due to the size advantage Flair has over Little Miss Bliss. Only to allow Bliss to utilize Flair’s advantage in size against her! With both Superstars sitting on the rings in the apron toward the outside of the ropes, the blue brand’s winner had an unbeatable grip on her opponent. Bliss effectively employed against Flair by flinging herself in the air and slamming her larger opponent to the floor.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Sasha Banks 2017:

Alexa defended her title against Sasha at Great Balls Of Fire. Bliss being defeated count-out but still retaining her title as the Championship can’t be changed through Disqualification or Count Out. The match lasted 11:40 minutes and was then followed by a post-match fight that saw Banks hitting the announce table with a Meteora from the table of announcers and Bliss.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Sasha Banks
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Bliss began the match with a strong performance, only for Banks making a comeback just a few minutes into the fight. But, the most memorable moment of the showdown was the moment when Bliss employed her extremely flexible joints to appear that she’d injured her elbow just for Banks to lose her guard and take a punch by The Wicked Witch of WWE. Despite this, Banks — who is believed to be a real-life hot girl with Bliss — then used her skills in submission wrestling to entrap her opponent into her Banks Statement submission-hold.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Bayley:

The match, which ran for 11:15 minutes considered by many as being among the most memorable matches in Bliss her career, primarily because “Five Feet of Fury” made an impact on the world of business due to her performance during the match.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Bayley
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Another example of Bliss making notes from the book of pro-wrestling legends was that she chose to target and destroy the specific area of the body that was an opponent–in this instance, her signature ponytail. Bliss pulled the ponytail in every way and stood on it as she tried to hold her down The Huggable One.

But what was what made Bliss shine on the night was that she performed for the crowd. Throughout the match Bliss goes hard on Bayley. And close the match with DDT and pinfall. This was Alexa’s first title at RAW.

Win-Loss Record:

Since her debut in 2013, Alexa has gained popularity fastly. Nowadays, she is one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE. Due to so much popularity, fans are always want to know the statics of their fav ones. We will share Alexa Bliss’s win-loss record in professional wrestling with you.


In her time with the NXT, Alexa played 155 matches. In which she gains success in 56. And lost 99 matches. If we talk about the percentage, the winning percentage is 36.3, and the loss percentage is 63.87.

Raw And SmackDown:

In her time in WWE’s leading brands from 2016, she played a total of 268 matches. In which Alexa won 101 and lost 169 battles. If we see the percentage, it’s 36.73 wins and 61.45 percentage loss. Compared to NXT, Alexa’s performance on leading brands is somehow better with the win and loss. And also won no title at NXT, but she won 7 titles at WWE’s foremost brands.

Who is Alexa Bliss married to?

Boy Friend Ryan Cabrera
Image: otakukart

Alexa Bliss didn’t marry yet. But she is engaged to Ryan Cabrera. She got into this relationship after her breakup with fellow wrestler Addy Murphy in 2018. There were a lot of rumors about Bliss and Cabrera’s relationship, but now they officially engaged.

Dating History:

If you’re an infamous person loved by many, You’re likely to have plenty of people asking questions about your romantic life. People be interested in knowing whom you’ve dated and the length of time. It’s not surprising that people are curious about Alexa Bliss’s relationship history.

While Alexa isn’t new to the spotlight, she’s not been very outspoken about her relationships with her lovers. There are two individuals with who we can be confident that she’s been.

Alexa and Buddy were said to have been friends when they participated in the WWE’s NXT promotion. Alexa is now one of the promotion’s most significant stars, while Buddy’s career has taken an entirely different route. He was a part of many recent WWE dismissals that frightened several fans. Alexa had previously spoken about her relationship with Buddy openly, stating that they broke up in the early part of 2018. The couple was engaged to get married, but they decided to call the engagement off.

If you were unsure which to believe the internet reports claiming that Alexa Bliss or Ryan Cabrera was official, now is the time to be sure. They are the Superstar, and the performer has officially become a household name. They’ve been quite open with their social media pictures of them all together and cuddling up to one another. The singer has even shared an image of his proposal to Alexa after somebody recorded the proposal. The comments were filled with congratulatory messages for the couple and people who were sour about being officially “taken” as she said yes.

Net Worth in 2022

As of 2022, Alexa Bliss’ Net Worth is thought to be in the $2.3 million range. Most of what she does now is because she has had a very successful career in the WWE.

Alexa Bliss Leaked and NSFW:

leaked photos
image: maxresdefault

Back in 2017, there was news about the leaked photos of Bliss, which hit the internet and wrestler community seriously. But Alexa bliss claims that these photos are fake, not real. As in the Alexa Bliss leaked videos, there is no clear face of her. We can say now that Alexa bliss NSFW was fake.

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