Maybe you haven’t heard before about Fiona Loudon, ex wife to the James bond star Daniel Craig. So who is Fiona Loudon and so far what she was able to complete in her life, maybe you asking.

When Fiona Louden was little, she always wanted to be an actress. She lives in Los Angeles now and works as an actress.

Fiona is a Latin name for a woman that means fair or white.

She used to be married to Daniel Craig. When Daniel plays the role of a person, people know him.

James Bond is a well-known spy.

They also had a daughter who made her movie debut a few years ago.

Birth date of Fiona Loudon

Fiona was born on 5th May 1968 in Scotland.

She grew up in a Christian home.

The way Fiona Loudon brought her to London

At the time that she came to London, she was still in her early 20s. When she tried to find her place, she had a hard time.

Fiona Loudon in Movie

Fiona Loudon
Fiona Loudon, ex wife of James Bond Star Daniel Craig

Despite her love for acting, she didn’t stop going to school.

She knew that education would take her to places that she couldn’t get to on her own. Other times, people think she went to high school in Scotland at a nearby high school. That was the last thing that she did. She went to London and started acting there, too.

She is also a graduate of London University, which is where she learned to act.

There are things Fiona has done on her own. In the past, she has been a pretty good actress who has shown off her skills on stage. Because of this, the world doesn’t usually think of Fiona as an actress. Instead, they think about her as the ex-wife of Daniel Craig.

People always talk about Daniel Craig when she’s talked about.

During their early years, Fiona and Daniel met. They helped each other get better at their jobs and grow as people.

During the year 1991, Daniel had just graduated from the guildhall school of music and theater. When Daniel went to the national youth theater, he also learned how to act. Fiona spent a lot of time on the stage.

At the end of 1994, they wed each other. That year, Daniel Craig made his first movie.

His first movie was Power of One. It’s a film about a little child named PK who learns how to box. Daniel plays the part of a high school rival of the pk character, who was once a friend of Daniel.

The couple gave birth to their daughter in the same year, 1992, in just a few months. When their daughter was born, it couldn’t save their marriage.

Reasons for divorce with ex-husband Daniel Craig

They split up in 1994. A lot of people didn’t talk about how hard it was for her to break up with him.

Daniel said that he was very young when Fiona married Daniel.

Fiona Loudon
Fiona Loudon, ex wife of James Bond Star Daniel Craig

Later, the couple found out that the decision that they made when they were young was not the right one now, so they broke up.

Both of them agreed with the decision. Then, Daniel said in an interview that he doesn’t regret making that choice. This is the same thing he said.

But he desired a different life, so he divorced and moved on with his life. Their divorce was over in 1994.

He moved on and started to date. The movie was called Rachel Weisz. Rachel was his co-star in it.

Only four people were inside. His daughter was there, too.

She was born on September 1, 2018. Daniel has a child with Rachel.

Ella Craig is the daughter of Fiona Loudon, and her name is Ella Craig.

This is the name Fiona and Daniel gave their daughter.

She has done a few movies. Daniel and Fiona are very proud of their daughter because she has chosen to be a doctor. She has done roles in Texas Road and Cold Blood.

Fiona Loudon
Ella Craig

She’s also known for movies like Nara and Memory Paradigm, which are both about memory. People say that she’s going to be the next Bond girl.

She is now dating Ben Hill. She is more in touch with her father than her mother.

Sometimes, she and her father go to the beach and other holiday events together.

There are movies like The Trauma, The Time Machine, and Man-Eater that she has starred in, like Her work in these movies has been praised.

Fiona Loudon is an Actress, and she is named after her.

Her movies haven’t been talked about on any sites. Daniel Craig, her ex-husband, is one of the most famous actors in the movie business. His best-known role was that of 007, James Bond. It is a movie called “No Time to Die.” He plays James Bond again there.

In the movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig played James Bond, and he did a good job.

Actor: Craig has been in movies like Specter and Defiance. He also starred in movies like Casino Royale and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as well as Knives Out and more.

How much money does Fiona have?

Fiona Loudon is an actress, and she makes most of her money from acting. However, Loudon’s wealth is still unknown. Some people say that Fiona Loudon is worth about $10 million. Also, she got child support and alimony from her husband, as well. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Daniel Craig, has a fortune of $130 million.

Career and Work Life

Fiona Loudon is an actress in London. Additionally, she is participating in numerous theaters in the capital city. In 1991, she first caught the attention of the media when she was a child. At that time, her relationship with famous actor Daniel Craig became public.. And even though they were always in the eye of the paparazzi, they carefully kept their relationship a secret. She did the same thing with her family, education, and upbringing. This is how she did it. Fiona, on the other hand, continued to be a tabloid favorite for the next few years after the couple married. Besides that, they also had a baby girl. However, they split up after two and a half years of marriage.

But, her ex-husband, Daniel Craig, went on to become famous as the famous secret agent James Bond. Fiona stayed out of the public eye for the rest of her life. Her ex-husband has dated several other women in the past. And later, he married actress Rachel Weisz. People kept asking about his first marriage to Loudon for years in the news. Fiona Loudon has also been in the news recently because her daughter with Craig, Ella, started acting in the entertainment business.

Fiona stayed out of the public eye the majority of the time. that all this fame and glory was not for her, and that she wanted a simple life. There isn’t a movie she has done.

Even so, she’s said to have been on stage a lot. She’s also thought to have learned how to act by going to acting lessons. Following her marriage and the birth of Ella, she became a well-known figure in the news.

After that, the press didn’t see her. In the last few years, she has been back in the news. Ella, her daughter, has been a lot of work in the movies recently. That’s why she does that.

So, her job might not have been very exciting, but as a mother, her life has been pretty good.

Body Measurement

Fiona Loudon is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 60 kg. And her chest size, waist size, and hip size are 35-27-34 inches. Fiona, too, has black hair and brown eyes.


Fiona Loudon was an actress. She didn’t make it to the big movie industry. She was in stage plays and movies.

Fiona Loudon is a member of what kind of faith?

Christianity is the faith of Fiona Loudon. People think that Fiona Loudon’s mother was Jewish and that her father was Christian, so they think that everyone in her family is Christian. Fiona Loudon is a person of faith. Besides going to church every Sunday morning, Ella Craig says that her mom has been going to church for years.

Fiona Loudon’s favorite place to go is?

Fiona Loudon likes her home country, Scotland, the best.Fiona Loudon grew up in a lovely town. When it comes to where she wants to live, Scotland is the place she’d like to live in. Then, after getting a divorce from Daniel Craig, she and her daughter went back to Scotland. Her Instagram post says her mother, Fiona Loudon, always says that Scotland is the best place to go on vacation.

Fiona Loudon married someone after Daniel Craig

She didn’t get married again. That’s what it looks like to me. Fiona Loudon wants Daniel Craig to be the only man in her life. People say Sean Connery and Fiona Loudon have a lot of fun together. After this news came out, Sean and Fiona Loudon didn’t say anything. This made the news a little less interesting. Her marriage ended with the assistance of a Divorce lawyer.

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